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You can make a difference!

We are excited to announce our 2022-2023 Sponsorship Program! A sponsorship on your part or your business, which is entirely tax-deductible due to the program’s status as a non-profit organization, will have an immeasurable impact on our players.

To become a sponsor, please contact:

Vicki Todd (Sponsorship Program)
Greg Soltes (Director)
Erin Currie Holzaepfel (Treasurer)

Established in 1971, the RRYH Program gives children the opportunity to participate in a competitive youth hockey program. Our program emphasizes the teaching of fundamental hockey skills, discipline, sportsmanship and a commitment to develop each player to his or her maximum level of ability.

RRYH is a member of the Cleveland Suburban Hockey League (CSHL) which governs all Northern Ohio youth hockey programs. Several players in our program begin with our Little Stickers program at 4 years old, and move thru our Learn to Play “grass roots” Levels, on to our U8, U10 and U12 programs, moving on to High School Teams and beyond. We continue to have several Ohio State High School Championship Hockey players, NCAA players, and professional players that have played their youth hockey or started their career in our program.

Despite our accomplishments, ice hockey is a very expensive sport. Our parents solely fund their players’ participation, which can make funding “extras” difficult.

This past season you may have noticed the additional opportunities RRYH has made available to your players, as this was a result of a very generous sponsorship.

Some of the additional player opportunities created by sponsorship last season include:

  • Practice jerseys
  • Individual goalie training
  • Ohio Hockey Project team coaching
  • Power skating for Mites & Squirts
  • Extra ice time for the program
  • Coaching seminars, drill platforms, and other resources
  • Dry Land training with T3